With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, we want to let you know that we offer sanitizing services. We’ve been a trusted business cleaning and disinfecting many homes and businesses for years. While COVID-19 mainly spreads within close contact (less than 6 feet), COVID-19 also has the ability to stay on some surfaces for days. This makes sanitation important.

Whats the difference between cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing? According to the CDC:

  • Cleaning is the first step needed before disinfecting and sterilizing can occur. It’s the removal of foreign material from surfaces. This is usually done manually without the use of machines. Will not always kill bacteria, but will remove a large majority of them.
  • Sanitizing will kill a majority of bacteria and microorganisms on a surface in order to prevent the transfer of diseases when coming into contact with that item.
  • Disinfecting is the use chemical disinfectants or miscellaneous inactivating agents to remove bacteria from surfaces. While this alone will not completely clean a dirty surface, it will remove and kill the bacteria.

Surfaces we recommend sanitizing for:

  • Private and public playgrounds
  • Indoor play areas
  • Shopping carts
  • Parks
  • Outside tables/benches
  • Flatwork
  • Doors and entryways
  • Elevator doors and controls
  • Public restrooms
  • Any surface that can come into contact with skin!

We service:

  • Private Businesses 
  • Shopping Centers
  • Government Buildings
  • County Buildings & Facilities
  • City Buildings & Facilities
  • Medical facilities
  • Home Owner Associations (HOA’s)
  • Exterior residential homes
  • Sports complexes
  • Public Areas
  • You name it we clean it!!!!

Information gathered from the CDC website.